Where are Unified communications moving towards?

February 20, 2019

Unified Communications have been in recent years the cornerstone of communications of many companies, and that’s because nowadays, there are a lot of channels to communicate with clients, suppliers and colleagues at a business level.

Depending on the purpose, the communication will change the channel chosen, such as a presentation for all delegations of a company via videoconference. The new regulation regarding the price of the international calls will be in force from 15 May. Therefore, many operators have announced their new rates.

Progress in Unified Communications

It is clear that unified communications should move towards systems not only integrating communication elements, but also other applications related to business communications.

Where are Unified communications moving towards?

Savings and increase in productivity

The purpose of any business organisation intending to save time and increase productivity while response times and customer and supplier attention is improved is to unify any communication entry to a sole channel and that the answer is sent by the same channel or application without requiring several options.

Saving time involves saving expenses, from the optimisation of resources to the optimisation of the management of infrastructure costs.

Companies / operators offering Unified Communications

We can find different companies / operators offering Unified Communication systems in the market, but the problem is that only a few of them offer a complete and global service, due mainly to the fact that each company is specialised in one or several types of communication, but not in all the communications of a company. For instance, there are unified communications solutions which do not include elements such as fax or external web applications.

What does a global system allow?

It may seem a chimera, but a complete integration or a global system of all communication channels of the company would allow to use any application, take advantage of its functionalities, its stored data and its ability to communicate with customers without having to open it.

Imagine that an ERP application communicated with the outbox of your email can send information to a particular client informing them on their order, or make a call from the linked extension; or even leave them a private message though their favourite social network.

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The concept of Unified Communication has always been synonymous with integration, an integration with the corporate agenda, with calendars, with videoconference systems, telephony, instant messaging, email… in short, with any communication channel used in the business world.


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Emprosoft top 10 companies in telecommunications consulting

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