Developing TEM Software

SINCE 1985


  • Of the activity in Spain.
  • Already 35 years of activity, a period of big changes at all levels, but especially in that of software and technology.

Magic Fon

  • During this time, we have implemented turnkey telephone pricing and billing solutions, such as MAGIC FON and SIFTEL

Multi PBX

  • Remote capture. Each in its field, they have been pioneer software applications in Spain, the first ones in the market which are fully developed by our teams.


  • First TEM Software


  • www Software. At the end of the ‘90s, we implemented DELTA, the first web solution


  • and recurring operations. at the beginning of the 21st century, we moved our business model towards consulting services


  • Service As A Software. The path travelled until obtaining software solutions such as the Consulting Services on Telecom Expense Management required a good dose of effort and adaptive capacity.

Call Center

  • specific solutions


  • of Software and Services

Siftel Web 3

  • Expert TEM Software. Our software platform SIFTEL WEB 3 brings the knowledge, the processing capability and the operating ergonomics of the most comprehensive TEM software together to offer immediate answers per volume and objectives, even in the most ambitious projects

More Services

  • Other supplies. In short, Emprosoft is a consolidated, experienced, and dynamic business project based on specialisation, information availability, and customisation. And most importantly, with long-term prospects.

30 years leading our sector


Telecom Expense Management (TEM) company


Independent of operators


Apps development


We are in Spain and Argentina (Europe and LATAM)


Solutions for Telecom Expense Management since 1985

emprosoft information

EMPROSOFT was founded in Madrid in 1985 with the purpose of increasing the efficiency of telecom expense management companies, improving the management and control processes, making available high-level precision pricing systems, capable of managing large structures with multiple call centres.

The growth of Emprosoft gave rise in 1993 to the foundation of Emprosoft Argentina, based in Buenos Aires, and to the consequent expansion and presence of its products and services in LATAM.

We incorporated solutions for the management of mobile telephony and the pricing management of all services, including Internet and data, in response to the market demands and technological advances.

We currently have development, service and operations departments and a sector specialised in TEM services and consulting, composed of a team of highly qualified professionals, with a wide experience and knowledge of the needs and problems of our clients.

The long journey of our company allowed us to forge a portfolio of large clients to whom we provide comprehensive advice and technological solutions with a high added value.

Do you need personalised information ?

We analyze your case for free. One of our consultants will contact you and answer your questions. We will offer you the services and collaboration level that you may need.

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of cases with positive results at reducing costs.

hire emprosoft

More than 30 years of experience in big projects.

We are expert and proactive collaborators.

Continuous profitability since the beginning of the project.

Own and specific TEM platform.

Available references from private and public companies.


Emprosoft Telecom Expense Management SpecialistsSolutions for Telecom Expense Management, which does not depend on operators, since 1985.

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Emprosoft top 10 companies in telecommunications consulting
Emprosoft Telecom Expense Management Specialists

Solutions for Telecom Expense Management, which does not depend on operators, since 1985.

Emprosoft top 10 companies in telecommunications consulting

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