Unification of telecom costs, operators’ bills and VoIP

Oct 14,2016


Firstly, the common problem for the users in charge of allocating the big companies’ telecom expense, or even from telephone traffic resellers through VoIP and other channels, is the integration of the different database sources available for their analysis and management.

One of Emprosoft premises is offering a comprehensive solution to their clients, thanks to customized solutions and including enhancements to the standard version.


Data sources, bills, VoIP, unified communications.

The manager or the person in charge of allocating costs can monthly receive, download or check:

Phone bills, landline, mobile, and Internet.

Call Detail Record or CDR, if a CISCO, AVAYA or a similar system for VoIP communications is available.

-The use of SKYPE for Business or any other unified communications system.

As a result, there is a problem derived during the integration process of the unified communications. Collecting this information is an arduous task, but there are still more things to do, such as compare and check data, allocate costs according to the required level, create and send reports, third-party billing (for traffic resellers) and other applications that the client may need or do with the data.

Optimization of the unified communications management.

According to our clients’ experiences, the best way to achieve it is having a platform which includes all these data: landline bills, mobile bills and those of their Unified Communications system being available to do all tasks required for allocating costs, information or analysis as automatically as possible.

Thanks to their progress, Emprosoft, with more than 30 years of experience in the field, has developed a Telecom Data Management Integration Platform (Siftel Web 3.0), that some of our clients are already enjoying.

In conclusion, once used the platform, it is clear that the development of internal applications and the staff performing this task, in the long and even the middle term, becomes more expensive than an up to date platform, managed by specialists who keep the system updated in terms of media and functionality changes.

Capacity to adapt.

We continue solving our users’ specific needs and we are working so that Siftel Web 3.0 can incorporate other costs of the companies such as the vehicle fleets and outsourcing.

In short, any structured and available detail record (database, text file, Excel, etcetera), can be integrated and managed by Siftel Web 3.0.

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