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Teleworking will continue after the Coronavirus crisis.

15 April, 2020

According to a report of the consultancy firm Garner, 74% of companies plan to assign teleworking to some of their employees permanently, that is, three out of four financial directors plan to change at least 5% of their employees to teleworking positions once the COVID-19 crisis ends.

A matter of costs and flexibility.

At this point, it is not new to say that this crisis is changing many personal and professional situations, apart from the high economic impact it will have. That is why teleworking has become:

  1. A way of working that allows some companies to continue with their activities and to provide their services quite effectively.
  2. Many financial directors have seen that teleworking is the most direct and fastest way to reduce costs by minimising the negative impact in the profit-and-loss account, at short (minimising the negative impact of the pandemic) and long term.
Teleworking will continue after the Coronavirus crisis.

Feasibility of teleworking.

The society we live in, and especially the technology we have, make teleworking more viable for a great variety of jobs.

According to the consultancy firm, 20% of the participants in the survey indicated that they have deferred spending on technology at the facilities, and an additional 12% planning to do so. Likewise, 13% declared they have already made cost reductions in real estate expenses, and another 9% planned to take measures in this area in the next months.

The consumption of corporate communications will change.

It is clear that the telecom structures of the companies will also change, as well as the consumption of their corporate communications.

Flexibility but with connectivity and security.

Although it is true that this crisis has caused the number of teleworkers to have greatly increased from day to day, currently neither they or their companies are probably prepared since, unlike for offices, every home is unique in terms of connectivity, home routers or WIFI coverage problems, and there are no security standards, etc.


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