Mistake found in Movistar’s Bill on December 2016.

Dec 15, 2016

At the beginning of this month, our consultants and technicians found a new mistake in Movistar’s bill. Through the SIftel Web services offered to several clients, a widespread error was notice in this billing period consisting of an imbalance in the roaming calls.

Even if this service has suffered or will suffer modifications such as the EU intention to eliminate the costs linked to this service, or how the eSIM will affect this and other services, the foregoing has nothing to do with the problem found.

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Problem Details

After an exhaustive analysis of the file provided by the operator and with the aim of keeping Emprosoft’s service Siftel Web updated, it can be said that the mistake is created in the operator’s file, which does not inform of every detail of the incoming and outcoming roaming calls, so that the total summary of these billed calls does not fit with the detailed ones.

For example, the incoming and outcoming roaming calls for a mobile line can inform that a specific number of calls have been made. However, by acceding to the details, the total of calls does not fit with the total in the summary and shows fewer calls.

incidence in Movistar’s bill


In general terms, at bill cost management level, the problem arises when we need to check in detail which are the specific calls generating the costs of roaming calls. In short, we can or cannot assume that the summary of the total costs for calls provided by the operator is correct.

Is there a solution?

As the mistake comes from the lack of information on the bill issued by Movistar, the operator must be responsible of remaking this bill and including these call details. Otherwise, there is no solution for this mistake.

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