The US-China telecommunications war continues.

The US-China telecommunications war continues. The US Federal Communications Commission has revoked the telecommunications operator license of China Telecom, one of China’s largest telecommunications companies, due to alleged threats to national security. This...

Telefónica, Brazil and 5G DSS.

Telefónica, Brazil and 5G DSS. 12 August, 2020 Vivo, that is, Telefónica Brazil, has recently activated 5G DSS mobile signal in eight cities of Brazil, and is waiting for the concession auction to operate 5G expected for next year. This post is about ... 5G DSS...

EU free Roaming called into question

Background. According to some news (before mentioned in our blog), since June 2017, users could surf the internet or talk from an EU-member country without an extra cost in their mobile phone bill, thanks to the European Parliament approval on last October of a new...


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