TEM solution: Telecom Expense Management

April 24, 2019

It is clear that telephone communications are crucial for companies nowadays. Therefore, there is a subsequent cost that any company (regardless of its size) must consider and control. Thus, a TEM (Telecom Expense Management) solution allows effective control and greater

Communications as a strategic tool

Communications in companies are more than land or mobile lines, Internet and email. Integrated communications with different applications leave conventional voice and data services behind. This aims to take advantage of the communications as a tool that facilitates day-to-day business, produces profitability by minimizing costs and also contributes an added value of service to their customers.

Economic saving

Thanks to all existing communication ways, any company opting for a TEM solution can access to a wide and clear overview of its telecom expense, with the possibility to carry out different regular audits to take actions needed to optimise expense, for instance, by way of an updated line inventory to eliminate the lines they do not use.

TEM solution: Telecom Expense Management

Time saving

In addition, having a TEM solution implies time saving when negotiating a contract with an operator or filing a claim regarding an invoice smoothly and efficiently. Data regarding line inventory, type of calls, volumes, time periods are always available and updated.

Problems you may encounter if you do not have a TEM solution

The City Council of Inca, by way of their major, Virgilio Moreno, has recently declared that the City Council pays more than €50,000 of telephone invoices per year, mainly due to a lack of control in the service in the different departments. This generates a higher volume of work, apart from greatest economic losses.

The main problem is the lack of management of line inventory. The City Council receives around 350 invoices per year from different operators, since each department used the services of the operator they wanted, depending on who was in charge of them. They even had to call a lot of municipal lines to know to whom they belong.

Lack of invoice management. According to the major, invoices must be checked one by one, verify if they are correct and pay them. Therefore, the management of all the invoices requires a series of resources which makes the Treasury department to be congested.

Maximum optimization

To sum up, having a TEM Solution helps you to maximize the expense and resources invested in telephone expense management.

Discover more benefits in Emprosoft’s TEM Services section.

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Emprosoft Telecom Expense Management Specialists

Solutions for Telecom Expense Management, which does not depend on operators, since 1985.

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Emprosoft top 10 companies in telecommunications consulting

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