A greater level of information and knowledge puts you in a better negotiating position and helps you to align expense and services.

telecom operators invoice management

Web download

The invoice management is based on the data of the files provided by the operators through their websites.

Once these files have been downloaded, monthly processes can start.

vodafone invoice management
telecom expense management


We check that all the data provided by the operator coincide with the invoices issued.

In case of discrepancy, we elaborate and submit a report indicating the differences and calculating the amount to pay.


operator invoice management
tem services


We supervise that the conditions agreed by contract are duly applied.

Where applicable, we proactively draft Complaint, Regularisation and Payment reports.

movistar invoice management


There is an incidence in the fees agreed with the operator/s.



Quarterly or semi-annual review of the amounts to adjust according to the contract..



Calculation of the amount owed to the client according to the induced traffic of the Intelligent Network service.

Analysis and Improvement



Fixed and variable costs.

Monthly evolution of recurrent fees and costs compared with variable and consumption costs.

Advice on the suitable proportion according to flat fees and effective consumption.



– A greater level of information and knowledge.

– A better negotiating position.

– Alignment of costs and services.

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Management of a large number of lines and/or several operators

tem invoice management

The Invoice Management service is a system that allows you to work with large volumes of information and integrate it into a sole platform called TEM Platform, all the invoice data of the different phone operators (voice and data) such as Vodafone, Movistar, Orange and any other operator providing their invoice in digital format.

You can also include detailed registers of calls or CDR, for IP VOICE or unified communications.

In short, any sort of detailed, structured and accessible register (database, text file, Excel, etc.) is subject to be integrated into and managed by this service. This involves all the benefits regarding cost savings and time optimisation.


Emprosoft Telecom Expense Management SpecialistsSolutions for Telecom Expense Management, which does not depend on operators, since 1985.

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certified company Emprosoft
Emprosoft top 10 companies in telecommunications consulting
Emprosoft Telecom Expense Management Specialists

Solutions for Telecom Expense Management, which does not depend on operators, since 1985.

certified company Emprosoft
Emprosoft top 10 companies in telecommunications consulting

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