IP Telephony, a growing technology.

Jan 25, 2017

IP Communications

IP communications, where IP telephony or IP voice are included and compassed on the unified communications, are the commitment of all companies in the sector (operators and makers) as a future option that is a reality.

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A forward-looking

In short, the IP telephony services market will increase its business level in the coming years. In the American market, it will increase around a 60% to 2021. The keys for this increase will be the introduction of Smart phones, the consolidation of the current technologies, the development of new applications for Voice IP and the alliances growth between operators and different companies of the sector.


These alliances have already started, as in the case of the agreement between Alcatel and VOZ.COM for the development of communications, already in effect. The Spanish company VOZ.COM, a global operator in enterprise solutions, and the French Alcatel, a referent in phone hardware solutions, signed an agreement whereby both companies will develop solutions together, with the aim of supporting and enhancing a global solution on IP telephony for Spanish companies.

Google is game

Mountain View people are already launching Google Voice, a project started in 2009 to which they did not pay much attention compared with other services of the company.

IP Telephony

The main functionality of this application is having a phone number linked to a user account and using it to make and receive calls through the Internet, with the difference of making it from different devices and not only from a phone.

IP Telephony and companies

Whatever the volume or size of a company, any businessman will admit the importance of the phone in the development of their company, and they will certainly highlight the relevance of new ways of communication incorporated in the last few years such as e-mail or videoconferences.

Those companies which already have or intend to have a unified communications system will enjoy new extra services, such as IP telephony, videoconference system or access to advanced features apart from a myriad of advantages which the traditional telephony does not have, and everything at a competitive price.

Expense management and service optimization

Regarding management, we recommend you to read the article on Unification of telecom costs, operators’ bills and VoIP, in which you can find detailed information about how to carry out an integrated management even with several operators and different types of lines.

IP Telephony

For an efficient management and subsequent optimization, it is needed and essential to gather all the information for:

  • Comparisons
  • Cost allocation per required level
  • Reports of agreement and tariff renegotiations
  • Third party billing (if needed)
  • Other applications required or wanted to do with this data.
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