Is it possible the 5G deployment without the presence of Huawei?

26 February, 2020

5G is in full deployment in Europe and Spain. However, the United States is pressing Europe to look for alternatives to the companies chosen to implement this network, as it is the case of Huawei and its 5G.

The reason: The United States’ accusations.

Huawei 5G technology is already implemented half-way around the world, but the White House, with Donald Trump in the lead, accuses the Chinese company of spying through their devices, with data theft and/or basic privacy violations, all of them without providing greater proof than their words.

Therefore, they want their allies in the old continent to push Huawei and its 5G out, even if they are still in process as it is the case of Spain.

Is it possible the 5G deployment without the presence of Huawei?

Are there alternatives to Huawei 5G?

The answer is yes, there are real alternatives. Nokia, Ericsson or Samsung are world-renowned companies and large manufacturers that have a presence in particular markets like the American one, where they have defeated the Chinese company.

Vodafone, Movistar, Orange and Huawei 5G.

  • In the case of Vodafone, the only operator with a 5G commercial network in our country, it decided to remove Huawei from its network core wherever it was in Europe, but it will remain in the non-core network. The company has always argued that the reason for this change has not been due to political pressures.
  • Telefónica (Movistar) has Huawei as a partner of its current network. Nevertheless, at the moment, it will not work directly with the Chinese manufacturer when it deploys its 5G network in Spain and other countries.
  • Orange, however, has pilot tests underway with Huawei, and simply refers to the indications of the GSMA, which encourages governments and operators to work together to reach an agreement on safety and certification tests in Europe.

Trade war between the United States and China also on mobile devices.

Huawei ‘counterattacks’ with new smartphones without Google Mobile Services: the new Huawei Honor 9X Pro and View 30 Pro will work with an own operating system of the Chinese manufacturer called Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), which is its adapted free version of Android that aims to become the third mobile software platform in the world, after Android and iOS.

Google, on its side, and due to the sanctions against the Chinese company from Washington, has already warned users of the new Huawei devices that do not use their apps. It states that they must not install apps through a platform other than Google’s Play Store.


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