5G: the most influential technology development of 2017

March 16, 2017

Current context of the connection speed

Although 4G is not extinguished yet, the technology industry has been looking for the 5G connection speed for some time.

This year, we will see the first model consistent with this platform. The official date for the 5G arrival is planned for 2019, according to a large part of telecom analysts. However, it does not mean that devices will begin to be sold from this date.

Networks with 5G connection speed available for multiple services

5G technology will not only be networks for mobiles. The explosion of the connection with objects that we will experience next year, known as Internet of things, will be massive in every household. Controlling our TV from our mobile phone, having a fully operational digital assistant will be a reality, as well as the refrigerator ordering the food needed or security cameras. Simply imagine the homes of the future and thus Smart Homes are projected.

5G connection speed

Benefits of the 5G connection speed for companies and industries

5G can be used in companies and industries as well as at home, that is, terminals connected to the Internet and located both inside or outside the company’s facilities will be self-sufficient with what they need, and manage product locations and stock at the warehouses. Panels will adapt their message depending on the person who see them (a common Smartphone already contains all the information about someone’s preferences or their location in real time), or the remote steering in real time through 5G shown in the last Mobile World Congress.

It can be predicted that the number of lines of the companies will progressively increase in the next years, due to the fact that each offshore device of their facilities should have a 5G line, and it is clear that all those lines must be managed in terms of operability and costs.

We are not that far from it. We virtually have the technology and the only missed thing is a wide high speed net coverage, which will be solved with 5G technology.

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Evolution in the digital market with the 5G connection

This year, it is expected to know at least 200 devices suitable for 5G. Some of them were seen at the Mobile World Congress. The problem is that 5G is not available yet, which means that those devices have to use the 4G connection already available. This technology, in spite of being part of our daily life, cannot ensure a good coverage in some places.

5G connection speed

We are suffering an unequal connectivity evolution, not only between countries, but also between cities. For example, in Asia there is no 4G coverage, but still they are working to use 5G.

In Europe, a lot of companies are investing in pursuit of 5G connection speed

Which are the advantages of the 5G routers?

Sometimes, having several devices connected to the same gateway can cause breakdowns, it is said, the router is not enough for all of them. Which is the solution? 5G network that, as well as 3G and 4G, is related to the wireless data transfer speed.

Just like the routers connected through a mobile 4G with their own SIM without a pair of copper line or fiber, which sometimes have higher transfer rates than ADSL, the arrival of 5G will means a significant improvement in the services of this kind of routers.

Some operators are already installing 5G or dual band routers that simultaneously send signals in the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz band through the Wi-Fi, which relieve the network and increase data transfer rates.



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