Emprosoft, 35 years of activity.

Emprosoft, 35 years of activity. 26 June, 2020 Already 35 years of activity, a period of big changes at all levels, but especially in that of software and technology. During this time, we have implemented turnkey telephone pricing and billing solutions, such as MAGIC...

IP Telephony, a growing technology.

IP Communications IP communications, where IP telephony or IP voice are included and compassed on the unified communications, are the commitment of all companies in the sector (operators and makers) as a future option that is a reality. All the news our blog in your...

Mistake found in Movistar’s Bill on December 2016.

At the beginning of this month, our consultants and technicians found a new mistake in Movistar’s bill. Through the SIftel Web services offered to several clients, a widespread error was notice in this billing period consisting of an imbalance in the roaming calls....

eSIM: The Virtual SIM Card.

The 5G, flexible phones, standardization of phone chargers, disappearance of earphones jack, the eSIM… The end of the year is coming and some publications specialized in telecom, and more concretely in mobile phones, are introducing the latest developments for 2017....


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