Telecom Expense Management Specialist.


EMPROSOFT was founded in 1985, specialized in telephone traffic systems and later in electronic billing management tools for telecom operators, becoming the undisputed leader in Spain for these solutions.

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Control and reduce your company’s mobile phone expense on-line.

Charge and control the stock and bill of all your telecom suppliers.

telecom expense management

We advise and draft your telecom statement and optimize the costs.

On average, our clients hire our services for more than 10 years. We understand this fact as a demonstration of the satisfaction of the companies who set up a commercial relationship with us.”

Jorge Zlotnik
CEO of Emprosoft, S.A.

banderaokWe are pioneers in solutions and TEM (telecom expense management)services.

telecoWe are experts in telecom expense management.



Exclusive dedication and operators independence.


mapsHead offices in Spain and Argentina.

EMPROSOFT has developed Telecom Expense Management software and provided our services for 30 years.

As a result of our experience, service and our R&D area, we can offer new solutions such as BILL CUT.

emprosoft over 30 years

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of cases with positive results at reducing costs.


Nowadays, reducing costs and creating new savings are especially important. We can help your company and, proactively, implement the right solutions to achieve the fixed aims. We propose professional services focused on the detailed control of telecom expense and its optimization.

Our strategy is based on adding value to our clients, through good RESULTS and with the lowest possible cost and risk.


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